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Volleyball Spike - Basics to Volleyball Attacking

A volleyball spike or attack is the strategy used to send the ball over the net to the opponent in such a manner that ball is not returnable. The spike is performed by moving the arm in a way such that you angle the ball to land on the ground of your opponent's side of the court. Usually a spike is hit with great force at a downward angle.

Spike - Volleyball Basics

Spiking is a form of attacking and a very popular offensive move used in volleyball. It is the act of jumping and hitting the ball down into the opponent's court, which hopefully results in a "kill". There are various types of hits - the outside, middle, and back hits based on who the hitter is.

Volleyball Attacking Rules: What Is A Spike In Volleyball?

These volleyball attacking rules and regulations for the spike govern how an "attack hit" which is any playing action, that is not a serve or is not a block that drives the ball into the opposing court. Volleyball Attacking: if you choose to hit the ball hard, after taking your spike approach to the ball and jumping in the air to hit it, that's called a spike.

How to Spike a Volleyball (with Pictures) - wikiHow

Spiking a volleyball entails forcefully striking the ball toward the floor on your opponent's side of the net. You wait for the setter to set the ball near the net, then approach the ball, jump, and go in for the "kill." If the ball hits the floor before the other team can retrieve it, your team gets a point.

How to Spike a Volleyball (in Slow Motion) - YouTube

Spiking a volleyball can involve a two step, three step, or four step approach. It is the coordinated effort of footwork, arm swing, and explosiveness. How...

Biomechanics of a Volleyball Spike

Momentum can be defined as mass in motion, regarding the variables mass and velocity. The momentum of an object is equal to the mass times the velocity of an object. Looking at the run up phase of the volleyball spike, the momentum is the result of the mass of the player and the velocity of the approach (Hughes A, 2014).

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After two and a half months of doing the specific workouts, spiking (hitting) data was collected by both subjects. A chart was created showing both results. Lastly, a percentage calculation between both results was made by finding the difference between both numbers, difference = new number – old number.

The 10 Best Volleyball Spike Trainers To Buy - October 2021 ...

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