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Set the board up in the right back position, where the setter would normally be releasing from. One player or coach hits driven balls at the board. One at a time, defenders (liberos or passers) from left back release and set the ball that bounces off of the board. Also, have your liberos practice the "two shoot" shot.

VOLLEYBALL Setter Board; Fam Willy shows how to use and make ...

4’ x 4’ plywood (7/16” or 1/2” thick)2” x 4” lumber (11 pieces, all 4’ or less)1” x 6” lumber (3 pieces, all 4’ or less, use for bottom pieces and back brace)

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A three ball is placed about 3 feet above the net. A middle hitter may run a 32 which means the ball is placed about 3 feet from the setter then about 2 feet above the net. The middle hitter may also run a 31. This is a common quick set for a middle.

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Most teams run their offense with the setter positioned in the front row, about one-third of the way along the net from the right antenna. From this position, she is able to set two hitters (the outside and the middle) a ball that is traveling right to left.

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the setter from getting in a good stopped position to set the ball. This is why it’s essential for the setter to be able to set while moving or while off-balance. Leadership Have a Consistent Work Ethic The setter is the leader and must know everything. Great leaders work hard, compete, and want what's best for the team.

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When a ball is set high to the outside, the left-front blocker needs to rotate back off the net, about one step behind the 3-meter line and one step inside the sideline. It's okay to give up the radical sharp angle shot that lands inside the 3-meter line. Any sharper angle than that is unlikely.

Tactical determinants of setting zone in elite men's volleyball

In turn, the serve and the serve reception constrain the setter’s actions and the attacker’s 2007; Newton and Aslam, 2009). efficacy. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to examine As deterministic approaches are seldom applicable predictors of the setting zone in elite-level men’s volleyball. to sports, the concept of situational ...

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The setter's job is to run the offense and set the spikers. The goal is to have the passers pass the ball to the setter, the setter then sets the spiker. In volleyball, you'll notice each player plays specialized positions. The setter position is the most important specialized position on the team. The setters main job is to set the hitters.

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Training Aids for recreational and competitive Volleyball use. 1-800-494-3933. Account. My Cart. Logout. My Account ... Setter Targ IT. $169.95 $149.95. Compare Add ...