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OHSVCA COACHES’ CLINIC... skills, drills & more! Presented by: Tina Jasinowski, Alter Girls' & Boys' Varsity Volleyball Coach Page 4 footwork drills (GREAT for WARM-UPS) Jump Rope One of the BEST footwork drills... Have players do a combination of regular, two-footed jumps; 1-footed jumps; "running" jumps (where they

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Volleyball Drills for High School Communicate. High school players can learn to communicate through two variations of one drill. Play a regular 6-on-6 game, but call out the name of the opposing ...

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Volleyball Drills For Setters, Hitters, Liberos, Passers and Blockers. Volleyball drills are essential exercises in the learning process for players to improve your serving, hitting, passing, spiking, setting, blocking skills. Volleyball Drills For Passing Two Person Volleyball Drills For Passers. These 2 player volleyball drills for passing are warmup drills done at the beginning of practice and meant to prepare you to improve your serve receive skills.

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This volleyball drill needs 5 or 6 blockers on one side of the net with a setter and hitter on the other side. The setter sets the hitter and hitter must hit through or around the blockers. The hitter can't hit over or tip over the blockers. This drill can be great for training hitters to see the block. The setter can intentionally set the hitters tight so the hitters can work on swiping and tooling the ball off of the blockers hands and arms.

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Passing is a key element in volleyball. It leads up to and determines how effective the offense of your team will be and it also plays a vital role in defense. The 8 passing drills in this section are: The X Passing Drill; Ball in a Square; Platform Catch; Serve to Receive; Russian Passing Drill; Shuttle and Pass; Up Down Passing; Rapid Fire

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21 all-new Hitting and Blocking Drills built right into the Practice Plans, including: - Snap the Wrist (pg 20) - Corner Tip Drill (pg 22) - Tennis Ball Throw (pg 26)... and much more. Your players and their parents will be utterly amazed and blown away with your coaching IQ (even if this is all new to you!).

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To specifically assess dig control, you can put players through a coach-on-X type of drill. That’s where the coach hits balls at a group of players. This tends to be better for smaller groups, however, or situations where there are multiple coaches with room to spread out into different groups.

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This volleyball passing drill focuses on players making quality passes with high-volume repetitions. Drill Setup: One player standing at setter position to receive the passes from the passer. One player two steps beyond three-meter line on the same side as the “setter” – this player will be the passer for the duration of the drill.