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"Dead Arm Syndrome" in Tennis Players - HSS Playbook Blog

By Dr. David Dines and Dr. Joshua Dines. “Dead Arm Syndrome” often refers to pain during the throwing motion that results in decreased velocity. That said, it may also refer to the pain experienced by other overhand athletes including tennis players, typically affecting their serves and overhead shots. Injury to any of the bones or soft tissues in the shoulder joint can cause the symptoms, but it usually involves the rotator cuff tendons or the labrum.

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How to Treat Sore Arm Muscles From Tennis Step 1. Take acetaminophen or ibuprofen to relieve painful muscles from tennis. If pain is significant, your doctor may... Step 2. Rest your muscles. Wait at least a week for your symptoms to disappear before resuming tennis. Allow at least... Step 3. Ice ...

An 8-Stage Model for Evaluating the Tennis Serve

The toss should be out slightly lateral to the overhead position of the server, facilitating ball contact at approximately 100° of arm abduction. 29 Improper toss location too close to the head (12 o’clock position) can increase arm abduction and cause subacromial impingement. 28 Trunk position and toss location are factors in shoulder pain during the acceleration and contact phases of the tennis serve. 12

IMPINGEMENT SYNDROME - International Tennis Federation

These include pain around the shoulder, often at the outer portion of the upper arm. The pain is worse with overhead activities such as serving, hitting high tops spin forehands or hitting overhead smashes. There may be an aching pain after play. The pain may make it difficult to sleep, especially when lying on the affected shoulder.

Forearm and Wrist Pain From Playing Tennis | SportsRec

Forearm and Wrist Pain From Playing Tennis Arm Muscles and Tennis. Every time you strike the ball, a group of arm muscles are engaged to control the movement of... Causes of Tennis Injury. Overuse, poor stroke mechanics and the wrong equipment are the main reasons tennis players... Tennis and Wrist ...

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There are three major causes of shoulder pain: Direct damage (trauma) to some part of the shoulder bone, muscle, or other tissue. Repetitive stress injuries caused by repeated motion of the shoulder, such as in tennis. Inflammation, which can arise beside repetitive injuries or on its own, often in the joints.

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"My shoulder pain wakes me up if I roll over on that side during the night." Those are two of the most common statements made by tennis players complaining of shoulder and upper arm pain.

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