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Soccer equipment | Spanish Translator

Word-by-word. soccer. el fútbol. equipment. el equipo.

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Sports Equipment. La pelota — Ball. El disco — Puck/Disc. El arco — Goal. La red — Net. El bate — Bat. La raqueta — Racket. El guante de béisbol — Baseball glove. El casco — Helmet. Las espinilleras — Shin guards. Los zapatos de fútbol — Soccer cleats. Playing Sports. Patear — To kick. Saltar — To jump. Parar — To stop/To block. Balancear — To swing

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Centrar: (Verb) Center the ball. Para meter un gol, hay que centrar bien la pelota. (To score a goal, you have to center the ball correctly.) Clásico: (Noun, masc.) Classic game; Derby between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona/also used in Spanish to describe any important match-up.

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El fútbol = soccer. La pelota = ball. El balón = ball. El jugador = player. El futbolista = soccer player. Gol = goal. Golazo = a really good goal, a great goal, etc. Partido = game. Partidazo = a big or important game. El equipo = the team. El técnico = the coach. Un clavadista = a diver. Categoría = class (skill)

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Spanish translation; team: equipo: away team: equipo visitante: opposing team: equipo contrario: footballer: futbolista: player: jugador: lineup: alineación: lineup: plantilla: substitute bench: banquillo de reservas: substitution: sustitución: captain: capitán: goalkeeper: portero/arquero/guardameta: defence: defensa: defender: defensa: midfield: mediocampo: midfielder: mediocampista: winger: extremo: forward

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Learn spanish sports equipment with free interactive flashcards. Choose from 500 different sets of spanish sports equipment flashcards on Quizlet.

El fútbol – vocabulario. Football/Soccer – vocabulary ...

la portería/meta – goal, goalposts (Peninsular Spanish) el arco – goal (Latin American Spanish) el poste/el palo – post. el primer palo – the near post. el segundo palo – the far post. el larguero – the crossbar. la red – the net. la línea de banda – the sideline, touchline. la línea de gol – the goal line. la línea de medio campo – the halfway line

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Spanish Soccer Facts. 1.-. In Spanish, soccer is fútbol. 2 .-. La Liga, also known as La Primera División, is the men’s top professional soccer league in Spain and one of the most important in the world. Unlike the USA leagues, teams that are part of La Liga can be relegated to the second league.